Custom Choices

TC Cabinets works with homeowners to customize their perfect cabinets.  From colors to wood choices, our homeowners and businessowners have control of their final product.  Troy Coker will work with you to taylor your perfect cabinets. Choose your perfect grain, weight and style of wood and then color it to suit your home or work space. Choose the solid and sturdy maple or the natural beauty of Cypress.

IMG_1270 IMG_1272


Painted Maple

IMG_1253 IMG_1276

Beechwood with two different stains

 Decorative Maple

IMG_1270 IMG_1254


Painted Beechwood

IMG_3795 IMG_3786


Decorative Maple

IMG_3789 IMG_3793

 Glazed Maple

 Decorative Maple

IMG_1259 IMG_1266

Stained Red Grandis

Red Grandis accepts many different stains